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The Windowpottamus

Wilma is having a great time making the windows in Savannah-town bright and shiny while the rest of the town is asleep, until disaster strikes! With a gasp and a panic she looked in her bowl

No water, no soap just a cloth and a hole. What will she do if she can’t finish her work?

Is anybody going to be awake so early in the morning to give her some help? It seems like all of her luck has run out and What good is a Windowpottamus with no water and no soap?

Maybe the friendly posty can offer a solution but what could he possibly do? With a coat full of balloons and a ladder on her back, Wilma sets off for help whilst hoping she can get all of the windows cleaned before the sun comes up.



The Meerkanic

Nothing ever seems to go right for Wilma. While happily making her way to her guitar lesson – she can play on 2 strings now, she’s a real rock star – her car breaks down. She is all out of ideas when It entered her head like a mouse in a panic, of course, of course, she’ll call the Meerkanic. But does she have his number handy? What will happen if he doesn’t notice the huge oil slick that has spread all over the road from Wilma’s engine? Hopefully, he can help get her to her lesson on time.



The Cookerdile

It’s dinner time in the Cookerdile house, but the greedy cat is on the prowl. What cat could resist sizzling leopard steaks? But will she get caught? She didn’t notice the big leathery feet making a slap on the floor,

or the long slimy body making its way through the door. Mrs Cookerdile is not the kind of croc that will see her dinner stolen by devious kitties. Is it really Mrs Cookerdile that she has to worry about though,

or does she need to beware of somebody else? Let’s hope that the greedy feline really does have 9 lives!



"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen

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